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Virtual Assistant Services

We provide secure and high-quality virtual assistant services to help and support you in your daily life and business workloads.

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Save Time and Add Hours Back to Your Daily Life

Get back time from your daily life by delegating tasks to our team. Invest more of your time in your business, family and personal life.

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Remove Repetitive & Administrative Tasks From Your Workload

Let us handle all of the small and repetitive time consuming tasks from your workload. Focus on the bigger
and important things in your life
and business.

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Get Overall Support for Both in Your Life and Business

We are open to hearing your ideas, give valuable feedback and help in implementation. We’ll treat you as our partner. We’ll always be here providing support to you every step of the way.

Hello I’m Rowena, I’ve Created and Manage a Team of Virtual Assistants Ready to Provide Help and Support To You

We’ve handpicked dedicated, talented and passion driven individuals and created this amazing team of virtual assistants that are ready to provide help and support in your life and business.

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What’s Included In Our Virtual Assistant Services



Organizing and Sorting of Your Files
We'll setup a filing system, organizing and sorting all of your documents and files for easier access.

Highlighting Important Meeting Notes
We'll highlight all the important notes you've collected from your meetings.

Transcribing Video and Audio Recordings
We'll transcribe and collect all valuable information from your video and audio recordings.


Email Support
& Management

Organizing Your Emails
We'll organize your emails by adding appropriate tags, categories, stars and folders.

Notifying of Important Emails
We'll notify you of any important emails that needs your immediate attention.

Removing Unnecessary Emails
We'll remove any unnecessary emails from your inbox and spam folder.

Responding Emails on Your Behalf
We'll respond to emails on your behalf, this is usually good for email support.



Organizing Your Calendar Schedule
We'll organize your daily and weekly schedule from your preferred calendar.

Scheduling Meetings and Appointments
We'll schedule and send calendar invitation for your upcoming meetings and appointments.

Reminding You of Upcoming Meetings, Appointments and Events
We'll always remind you of your daily and weekly upcoming meetings, appointments and events.


Other Virtual
Assistant Services

Researching and Analyzing Your Competitors
We'll research and analyze your competitors to help you gain advantage over them.

Inputting for Data and Information
We'll handle the entering and updating of data and information that you need for your business.

Accountability for Your Set Goals
We'll help you become accountable and making sure you achieve every goal that you set.

Facilitate and Manage Your Online Events
We'll help you in facilitating and managing your online events (webinar, workshop, etc.)

Organizing Your Workspace
We'll organize your selected workspace (Trello, Asana, etc.) to easily monitor all of your tasks.

Managing Your Business Contacts
We'll manage and filter your business contacts and people requesting for connection.

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