Anat Rodan is a brand strategist and designer based in LA, California, with over 25 years of experience in the creative industry.

She scheduled a discovery call upon knowing that I help my clients create and launch their online education businesses.

In the discovery call, she shared with me about pursuing her passion for coaching and teaching and needs help bringing her business to life through her website and social media.

She’s looking for an expert in the online education business industry to guide her pursuing her dreams and passion for coaching and teaching.


After doing a strategy call with Anat, we both came up with the solution that her website needs a complete redesign, focusing on her online education business instead of her brand strategy and design services.

She will also require individual sales pages for her products like a workshop, webinar, coaching, etc.


To make sure I’m aligned with Anat’s vision for the look and feel of her website, I’ve curated a collection of images based on the strategy call we’ve had and turned them into a Stylescape, implementing her brand logo, fonts and colors.


I’ve created wireframes, focusing on the layout and functionality of the website first.
Making sure that the website is built to achieve the goals we've set on the strategy call.

Website Design

I've implemented the design from the Stylescapes into the Wireframe. From the colors, font type, mockups, and more, I wanted to make sure that everything aligns with Anat's brand and focuses on showcasing her online education business and credentials as a coach and teacher.






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Website Development

Webflow is the platform we've chosen for Anat's website. It's easy to create and update websites, lightning-fast hosting, and comprehensive built-in security. If you want to check out the live website of MomentEight here is the link:



Email subscribers gained after website launch and still growing. Only has 60+ previously.


Signed up attendees on her first webinar after website launch.


Increase in number of unique visitors after website launch

Anat Sharing Her Experience

I've been working with Anat since April 2021 and still does to this date and going strong. She generously created a video testimonial about her experience working together with me.

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